Understand one thing, if something is evading you for some time now, you probably would never ever get it, provided you understand the Karma correction that is required to be done.

Blindly following rituals may never get you close to getting the desired results until you have the unending desire to correct the Karma. Some karma are those which are classified as pending karmas; which are following you from your previous lives, they make you work but the result evades you.

Get a life reading done on karmas, which can be broadly numerated as below:

  • Pending karmas of the  previous life.
  • Liability karmas of this life.
  • Negative karma of this life, which could be corrected.
  • Residul karmas for the after life.

The key to this reading lies in the 9th house of D-1 chart. D-16, D-30 and D-60 are the other instruments in solving the maze of this Karma theory.

A detailed analysis is followed by the KARMA KORRECTION