Vastu Gun

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NAME CORRECTION The ancient vedic science, so deep and fantastic. Every Nakshatra pada is associated with a sound. If it is understood that what type of sound would energize which nakshtra pada and that in turn would promote which trait of which house, probably one would start naming things co View Detail..


Past Life Readings Past life accomplishments or the previous incarnations deeds can be responsible to many of your present life domino effect which otherwise has no explanation or you may be clueless as to what is happening. Understand: Your past lives cast a serious impact on your prese View Detail..


KARMA KORRECTION Understand one thing, if something is evading you for some time now, you probably would never ever get it, provided you understand the Karma correction that is required to be done. Blindly following rituals may never get you close to getting the desired results until you have View Detail..

Hand Writing Expert

Get yourself analyzed from your hand writing. Your hand writing is unique to your personality. The depths, strength, flow of each character you print reveal something about your trait. Have your self examined from the master of graphology, Dr Vinay Bajrangi. You will come to know many starl View Detail..

Face Reading Expert

Face Reading – Astrological reflection Face Reading, also known as Physiognamy, is an interesting technique that helps interpret your personality traits, and health conditions. You can read your own face or others’ including those of your family members, buddies, and your lover, and View Detail..

Vastu Expert

Vastu Shasthra is a holistic science, which is in agreement with the whole cosmos and the entire energy. It can give you several benefits if you follow the principles of Vaasthu Shaasthra. Dr Vinay Bajrangi is a Vastu Expert with specialization in Vastu inflicted diseases. Your home, factory, View Detail..

Nadi Expert

Naadi Astrology, aka Naadi Jyothdam, is a form of Dharma Astrology, practiced in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and neighbouring states, in India. Several hundreds of years ago, there were great Rishis (Sages) who could know the future of a person, by just looking at them. They say these predictions were writt View Detail..

Bhrigu Expert

Bhrigu (Rightly called Bhrigu Sahintha) was one of the Saptha Rishis (Seven Disciples) of Lord Shiva, one of trinity in Hinduism. Going three times around Shiva to offer their piety was their everyday job. Bhrigu Astrology or Bhrigu Samhitha is attributed to Maharishi Bhrigu, an ardent devotee of Lo View Detail..

Parashari Expert

Astrology is an extensive area under discussion and is intensifying by degrees. There are various systems of astrology and each of them has its nobility and limitation. A system that is effective for one person might not be effective to all. Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, a learned Hindu Vedic Astrologer a PhD View Detail..