2 thoughts on “दान जो व्यर्थ ना जाये”

  1. Jai Bajrang Bali, I want to know when and where will me, and my family will get settle. Is there chance of a baby boy if yes then when to plan. Thank you.

    1. Your question of baby boy seems little awkward that too on social sites. Rest you can discuss when you meet Guruji as you seem to be living in Delhi. FURTHER please note that the KUNDLI related questions & accurate replies are directly related to your GURU thus should be dealt with very methodically & with seriousness. Birth details of one person matches with many others. Accurate suggestions / solutions should be given only after co-relating the birth details of a person with his past life / karmas & present life circle. Anyone asking / replying Kundli related matters simply on mail / website based on birth details, can weaken the GURU. In BAJRANGI DHAAM we primarily focus on strengthening the GURU therefore all such Kundli related matters are dealt with only & only by Dr Bajrangi …. means we do not have any system where Acharya / Pandits sitting in the office do tell the Kundli related things. It is better not to reply than to reply with half knowledge / expertise as it can unknowingly weaken your GURU. Therefore , the people who are sincerely concerned to know anything related to Kundli are advised to connect directly with Dr Bajrangi for1 – 1 discussions. He reads & deliberates lot of things from your past to depict the same on your present & future and then advice you directly. For any other information, you can speak to Rajatji in our office at 09278555588 / 09278665588. Thanks

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