Smell Great Astrologically

Now get the correct fragrance for you and see how to make it last longer astrologically. A Good and lasting fragrance can instantly lift your mood .And that’s the reason why we constantly struggle to make our perfume last all day . Whether it’s spending money on expensive ones or re-applying them every few hours, we have tried it all. But may be we are just doing it wrong? Just be calculative enough to know your moon sign and apply the fragrance of your choice as suggested and the see the results for your self.

HAIR- The Aries and Scorpio should apply their Perfume on their hairs and it tends to latch on to fiber ,which is basically what your hair is made of . But the trick is to avoid spraying mist directly on your hair .Instead ,spray it on your comb and brush your hair with that .

INSIDE OF THE ELBOW –This is a pulse point for everyone but more for the Taurus and Libra. It is tucked away in the bends of our arms; the diffusion of the spirit is concealed, giving it a misty, subtle effect. Pulse points should be your guidelines for applying perfume.

BEHIND THE TOP OF YOUR EARS- Gemini and Virgo spray mist behind the top of your ears .If you spray perfume behind your ears , when you hug someone takes a breath of your scent and forms a bond with you ”.

BEHIND THE KNEES- Leo , Cancer you all should be applying your fragrance behind your knees. These are your pulse points which would keep the fragrance and its effect for a longer duration of time. The fragrance ,accentuated by the warmth of the skin behind your knees, will rise around you throughout the day .

BELLY BUTTON-The belly button radiates a lot of heat , which is perfect for the fragrance to dissipate better. Guess you are the most suitable for this spot, the Capricorn and the Aquarius.

This pulse points were well identified and while doing the Sringaar ( makeup ) of the Gods the fragrance are applied to Them keeping in view their Moon sign . The Kaal Purush Kundli is well supportive of these postulates.

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