All of this workday should go rather smoothly. Your more reserved qualities are to the forefront and found to be valuable. This is a time for imagination and creativity when it comes to ideas and thinking. Your will get instantaneous results. You will do well in your studies. You will develop interest in learning music. Must do: Respect for others. Avoid: holding grudges. Recite: Om Ambikanathaya Namah.

Today your ideas are fluid and it is easy to understand your explanation, demonstration or illustration when it comes to educating the public about some new software or product that some people had found difficult. Must do: Satisfying others. Avoid: trying to buy happiness Recite: Om Sarvaya Namah.

Care has to be taken when it comes to expenditures throughout your day as it can swell to large levels. Meetings and round-table cussions are just where we can find you this morning. This afternoon you will be answering questions.
Must do: Self-awareness.Avoid: berating yourself for old mistakes. Recite: Om Shitakanthaya Namah.

This is a very good day for job-related events. If you put forth only a little bit of effort today you could find a few ways to help yourself obtain that raise or promotion you have been hoping for lately. Must do: Deep think .Avoid: being jealous of others. Recite: Om Shrikantaya Namah.

Learn meditation or biofeedback techniques and do not be timid when it comes to laughter! This evening, take some time to identify and eliminate any of blocks. Learn to keep yourself happy. Must do: Self-improvement. Change of place is a possibility. Avoid: trying to hold onto the past Recite :Om Ugraya Namah.

You have a great deal of drive and may feel compelled to accomplish much in your workplace. Especially today, the desire to constantly succeed may affect your personal relationships, particularly if you work overtime.Must do: Self-esteem. Avoid trying to be someone you’re not. Recite: Om Shivapriyaya Namah.

The ability to put your thoughts into words, allows you to captivate and spellbind. You could be teaching, lecturing or guiding others in some new technology. Relish the change. Avoid speculation and long distance travels. You will not only perform well in your studies but also in extracurricular activities. Must do: Reliability. Avoid: trying to compete against everyone else Recite: Shipivishtaya Namah.

Remaining peaceful is what you have to do today or otherwise domestic unrest; official unrest or the like shall engulf you. Practice self restrain. Must do: Sacrifice. Avoid: wasting time explaining yourself to others. Recite: Om Bhavaya Namah.

This is an easy, calm day that should find everything running in a smooth manner. Work issues may call for active interaction with authority figures but working with–rather than against–the flow of activity should be easy to do. Do not rush to solve problems Must do: Reciprocity. Avoid: rejecting new relationships just because old ones didn’t work. Recite: Om Vishnuvallabhaya Namah.

You may tend toward impulsiveness today. The slowness of yesterday and perhaps, someone else playing catch up, may have you in a dither. You should not be too quick to act. Must do: Diversify. Avoid: being scared to make a mistake Recite: Om Trilokeshaya Namah.

It is wise of you to carefully examine your work or the work of others in order to make any necessary adjustments or to catch mistakes that others would rather you overlook. Must do: Regularity. Avoid: thinking you’re not ready Recite: Om Em.

Be careful that you do not become some sort of speed demon, for intense or passionate feelings and drive will be at your command for a long time. This can ruin your day. Must do: Romance. Avoid: trying to make things perfect. Recite: Om Bhaktavatsalaya Namah.

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