You may be wondering as to why Jupiter is selfish whereas as per astrology and all known beliefs  Jupiter is the most benefic Planet in ones’s horoscope but on the contrary truth is a bit different and that is  Jupiter is very – very selfish.  Wherever Jupiter is placed in one’s horoscope the native tend to be selfish in that house;  this means :-

  • If Jupiter is in your 1st house, that means you are selfish and you try to mend things your ways.
  • If Jupiter is in your 2nd house, you may get selfish in regards to your financial things or your family.
  • If Jupiter is in your 3rd house, then your siblings specially the younger ones may get selfish.
  • If Jupiter is in your 4th house, then you might get selfish as regards to some property or your house or your mother may get selfish for something that you may not like.
  • If Jupiter is in your 5th house, then you might get selfish as regards to your kids and the education may get some what disturbed because of that selfishness.
  • 6th house Jupiter can make you selfish as regards to your employment. One thing is very clear here that if Jupiter is in your 6th house then your enemies can get very very selfish and you may suffer on those hands.
  • Jupiter in your 7th house,  may give you very selfish wive or very selfish partners.
  • Jupiter in your 8th house may drive you out of your ancestral property , you may not get those properties which are meant for you.
  • Jupiter in your 9th   house means, you may be a hypocrite , you may be doing also Pujas, Archanas and ritual but those pujas  or ritual  may be to gain on specific issues  for your own  rather than being devoted to the God.
  • Jupiter is in your 10th house may show some kind of selfishness as regards to your profession & your employment.
  • Jupiter in your 11th house  may get you selfish friends and you may not enjoy the company or you may come to know about those selfish friends some times when you grower wiser or older & you may find the friends, whom you were befriending  are very selfish.
  • Jupiter is in 12th house you may not lead to salvation as you become a hypocrite and you do not try to obey the rules to get the solution or moksh .



So do not get very happy if Jupiter  in your horoscope is exalted or  in a friend’s  house or own sign because Jupiter may play a spoil sport  and may misdirect you towards a goal which can deflect you from getting the true solution of life. You may  find this topic very different from the known rules of astrology and probably you may not be doing the remedies as  required or as you may be doing remedies for some other kind of planets whereas Jupiter is playing a spoil sport.

 SO it is recommended that you get horoscope analyzed for this kind of issue and if at all, the ego of Jupiter is too great in your horoscope then it has to be cut to size.

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