Sometimes the symptoms of health issue & diseases are clearly visible & we take care of the same consulting Doctor / Hospitals etc. BUT sometimes  ignorance of small – small issues or may be some bad spot in Kundli or hereditary history or some serious DOSH in our Kundli ( could be these reasons are in the Kundli of your last / next generations) become the reasons of serious health issues / diseases. Timely & accurate analysis of a specific Kundli  can alarm you with many such things & also suggest you remedies to be done to prevent any major diseases / loss of health. This goes with the saying “ prevention is better than cure”. A small time consultation from any learned Astrologer who knows which Chart of the Kundli needs to be reviewed for giving relevant advise can surely assist you in keeping yourself HEALTHY & FREE FROM SERIOUS DISEASES. Its like when you go on a road, someone warns you there is a speed breaker / slop & you take care & that is what a learned Astrologer can do.

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