Financial problems


Financial problems or financial pressure is a situation where money worries are causing you stress.Sometimes you know your salary is low, level of business you are doing will get you low income but many a times, you earn good but still financial constraints keep haunting you & you do not know the reasons.

This is because you do not know if there is some unknown spot / Dosh in your Kundli (or could be due to this being in any of the Kundli of your last / next generations) which forces you to do some acts /makes you  ignoring some small care.

NOW if someone advises you to do some small – small things / improve some of your own acts, you can probably & surely improve on your financial status. This is what a learned Astologer who knows what Chart / Dasha / Gochar be seen for right advise.

1st part of this write up is important to know  YES there is a problem 2nd part is more important because it tells you what to do.

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