Falling income / less Savings sometimes becomes out of your control inspite of your best efforts. Yes there could be reasons which you would know as there could be some hidden spots / Dosh in your Kundli (or could be due to this being in any of the Kundli of your last / next generations). Sometimes it affects your health also & that of your family members. Don’t worry, there are methods you can oversome such situations. Think on a road you are going, someone warns you there is a speed breaker / slop & with little pre-caution , you avoid it. You do nothing but only takes small care pre-caution & that is where you need an expert’s advise.  Consulting a learned Astrologer may / can cost you some money but think of the comforts you would enjoy with correct advise. Only think to be careful about here is that the Astrologer should know what Chart / Dasha & Gochar be seen for giving you correct advise. Just keep in mind different professions like Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers are there because they have expertise of the subject & that is what a learned Astrologer CAN DO.

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