Why Dr. Pt.Vinay Bajrangi

I know astrology. I am well abreast with the present day scenario and the challenging nature of the present world. I understand the problem faced by people in all walks of life. I do not present rosy pictures to my clients but I make them know what lies in future for them and how to advert the problems if any. My approach is simplicity to the core.
I achieve your goals.
I make the above things happen as the knowledge I have, is not derived from textbooks or from a handful of predictions and treatments but has been carved out by decades of experience. The three I’s which are the intellect, the intuition and the innovation differentiate me from our contemporary astrologers. I provide you a cosy blanket of care and compassion. Come now and re-engineer your times to come.

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Author: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

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  1. Namaste Pt.Ji,
    We both me[Vishal – 27/10/75 – 7pm Delhi] & my wife[Poonam – 18/4/79 – 12 noon – Delhi] are desperate to settle abroad, please let us know will ever our dream will be fulfilled. we want for the sake of our three lovely kids betterment. we lost in our two earlier attempts towards Australia, will it be finally Australia or Canada this time. take our case as SOS.

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