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I can do what the best cannot. I solve, resolve brings your problem to a logical conclusion. See for yourself, associating with me people see the following change in themselves:

  • The aggressive become affectionate.
  • The anxious become articulate.
  • The bad tempered become soothe.
  • The big headed become the charismatic.
  • The boring becomes the creative.
  • The bossy become the courageous.
  • The devious become the dependable.
  • The looser become the gainer.
  • The depressed become joyous. And the list here is endless………

Apart from this I read your future and help resolve issue to minute details. When you meet me be rest assured that

  • The indecisive become decisive.
  • Big problems vanish.
  • The family becomes compassionate.
  • The job becomes more rewarding.
  • The things long stuck seems smoothen
  • The devious become the dependable.
  • Those neglecting education, start enjoying it.
  • Sticky business start going in the right direction.
  • In nut shell i help you to outperform, help you to get accelerated revenue growth and remodel you so that you handle any relationship with insight.


After you visit me :-
Once you get me see your horoscope you can be rest assured of the following few things:
  • Your problem becomes mine.
  • A designated upayay Specialist remains in constant touch with you, so that any of your query does not go unheard.
  • If need be I also talk to you to get your query resolved.
  • I see that you get rid of the problem which had bought you to me.
  • You also can expect a wellness program for the coming times.
  • You become our priced family member and I try to include you all Hawans organised in the Dham, free of cost.
And thus once you become a part of our family, you won’t stop recommending your known to us and this force has become our largest clientele till date.
Apart from this, our clients reach out to us from our regular T.V programs on numerous television channels in Indian and International media. Our regular radio programs on FM radio also attract a wide range of people and last but not the least the various editorials and reviews published in various newspapers and magazines has a considerable bearing on our clientele.
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Author: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

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  1. You have told one of my friend to donate 2 or more stones in a navgraha mandir every week. He stays in pune. How can he do abhimantran to these stones himself before donating. He purchased stones from pune. Checked in your website. It is not available. Pls advice.

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